Natural Alternative to Synthetic MSG

Acid HVP is made from natural plant and vegetable proteins such as Soya, Ground Nut, Maize, Wheat and Rice. It is a widely used flavor enhancer used in many food items such as Noodles, Soups, Seasonings, Snack Foods, Instant Food Products, Frozen Food and many other processed foods.

Another commonly used Flavour enhancer is MSG or Mono Sodium Glutamate. MSG has been proved to be excitotoxin which when consumed at higher level is known to affect certain neurons in human brain. The safety of MSG is a concern for a lot of consumers who are not comfortable using products containing MSG.

Compared to this, Acid HVP contains small molecules like short chain peptides and free amino acids like Glutamic Acid. The presence of these amino acids and especially Glutamic Acid gives it the property of flavor enhancer. Being Natural HVP is understood to be a better alternative to MSG.

Further MSG is not known to have its own flavor. It only has the flavor enhancing properties. On the other hand, HVP has its own meaty note and flavor and plays an additional functional role of enhancing the flavor profile of product where it is used.