Formation of 3-MCPD

3-Monochloropropane-1,2-diol also called 3-MCPD is one of a series of compounds referred to as chloropropanols. These chloropropanols are formed in acid-HVP under the harsh hydrolysis conditions where the hydrochloric acid, apart from the Protein, also reacts with residual lipids and phospholipids present in the raw material, resulting in the formation of chloropropanols.

Though 3 MCPD is commonly found in small quantities in foods that use Acid HVP, its presence is not encouraged owing to their toxicological properties. Expert Committees around the world have assigned a limit of their presence in food and also their intake limit.

Belvita has worked to develop processes to ensure reduction of 3 MCPD in its Acid HVP Products. All our Products meet the standards and upper limits prescribed in the international standards.